As specialist immigration solicitors and Commissioners for Oaths in London, we provide high quality service as self-evident from Google Reviews and Testimonials of our clients.

  • My name is David, I recently entrusted premium solicitor to make an application to the home office for a 5 year spouse visa and both Arshad and Victoria were outstanding at advising me and preparing all my documents to make my case successful. They kept me up-to-date the entire time and were very speedy with the process which I very much appreciated.
  • I recently consulted four professional websites seeking guidance on which form to complete for an uncommon and urgent UK visa application. One firm returned my appointment fee because they were doubtful of their ability to give correct advice, another wanted a large fee to process a form which was clearly not applicable. A short consultation with Premium Solicitors advised the right form to complete. I have received Home Office approval of my application and feel fortunate to have chosen to consult this firm. Hence my recommendation.
  • I contacted Premium Solicitors through their website to ask a few questions about UK visas and whether they would be acceptable in certain circumstances. After a day or two I received a response from Arshad with straightforward answers to my questions that put me at ease moving forward. UK Visas and Immigration had refused to answer my questions and other websites offering free immigration advice never got back to me, so this was a breath of fresh air.
  • I am super grateful for everything. Absolutely amazing and been very helpful even responded on a sunday which was shocking for a free consultation. We need more services like these who just genuinely willing to help without pressure. If everyone just offer this type of kindness, the world would be in a better place. I genuinely appreciated everything, this was super helpful. You enlightened me with everything and navigated me to the right direction. Thank you thank you:)
  • Excellent professional, prompt and courteous service. I arrived 1 hour early and Mr. Arshad was able to accommodate me without fuss. He quickly and diligently dealt with my request. I cannot complain with anything and having received estimates that were three times as much, I would say that the service was second to none with an extremely fair price tag. Strongly recommended. AAA +++ all round. Thank-you.
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