The Minimum Income Requirement (MIR) for HM Armed Forces personnel sponsoring a partner or dependent child(ren) is undergoing an increase as announced on December 21, 2023. Under Appendix HM Armed Forces, the Minimum Income Requirement (MIR) will rise to £23,496. This adjustment does not include a separate provision for children within the Minimum Income Requirement (MIR).

The revision of the Minimum Income Requirement (MIR) takes into consideration the distinctive contributions of HM Armed Forces members, the nature of their service, and the inherent risks they face, including sacrifices, dangers, and the possibility of injury or death. It also acknowledges the UK Government's moral obligations to service personnel and their families under the Armed Forces Covenant. This Covenant delineates a commitment between the Government and individuals serving or having served in HM Armed Forces, ensuring that they and their families do not encounter disadvantage due to their service. Additionally, it recognises the crucial role families play in supporting the operational effectiveness of the Armed Forces and the limited agency service personnel and their families have regarding deployment.

This change will not be applied to those who already have permission under Appendix Armed Forces or who apply before the Minimum Income Requirement (MIR) is increased and are being granted. These people will continue to have their applications assessed against the current MIR where it is advantageous. This will also be the case for children seeking to join or accompany a parent under Appendix Armed Forces.

Other minor changes to Armed Forces appendices include:

  • Applying Part 9: Grounds for Refusal to both Appendix HM Armed Forces and Appendix International Forces and Civilian Employees.
  • For transparency, including a requirement to consider whether a refusal would breach Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights for partners and children in Appendix HM Armed Forces in certain circumstances.
  • Applying cross-cutting provisions in Appendix Continuous Residence, Appendix Relationship with Partner and Appendix Children to provide a consistent approach.
  • Those applying for settlement in the UK under Appendix HM Armed Forces will be able to combine time spent on other routes to settlement to meet the qualifying period under Appendix HM Armed Forces. Where the applicant is applying as a partner, they must have had at least one year with permission on Appendix HM Armed Forces.

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