Arshad Mahmood, an esteemed UK immigration solicitor based in London, boasts extensive expertise in UK immigration law, having practiced as an immigration lawyer since 2003. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Arshad obtained his solicitor qualification on 15 March 2005, specialising in UK immigration laws, accumulating more than 18 years of Post Qualification Experience (PQE).

As the Managing Director (MD) and proprietor of Premium Solicitors, a reputable London firm specializing in UK visa and immigration matters, Mr. Mahmood oversees a dedicated team of immigration solicitors in London.

Throughout his over two-decade-long career, Arshad has handled a diverse array of UK visa and immigration cases, demonstrating exceptional legal acumen in addressing complex UK visa and immigration matters. Recognised as one of the top immigration solicitors in London, Arshad offers expert immigration advice and legal representations across all facets of UK visa and immigration matters. Additionally, he assists clients in successfully challenging unlawful immigration refusal decisions issued by the Home Office UKVI.

Arshad's linguistic versatility enables him to communicate fluently in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, and English.

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What Our Clients Say About Arshad Mahmood in Google Reviews?

Client testimonials highlight Arshad Mahmood's professionalism and effectiveness in handling immigration matters, underscoring his reputation as a trusted specialist immigration solicitor & lawyer in London.


Natasa Utjesanovic

Highly recommended. Arshad responded to my inquiry immediately and service was delivered efficiently, professionaly and exactly as promised. Exceptional level of dedication.

Kiri Summers

I really cannot recommend Mr Mahmood more highly.  I found him to be responsive, humane and professional.  He worked quickly and thoroughly to support me with my visa application when I was in need of urgent knowledgeable input following previous poor advice.  I am extremely grateful for his help.

Hakan Alkan

Thank you very much to Arshad and his team. From the moment I spoke to them on the phone and walked through their doors, I was met with a genuine commitment to helping me. I was so pleased with the exceptional service I received that it left a lasting impression on me, and I am very grateful for the assistance. I highly recommend.

Salman Ali Moazzam

Me & family have been using Mr Arshad Mahmood for over a decade now for various immigration matters. Not even once we have been let down by his expert opinion. Google reviews too short to sum up his excellence and honesty. You can trust his opinion anyday. I can assure you he will never compromise on his professionalism and integrity for sake of a few pounds. His expert opinion can be trusted without any ifs and buts. You will never be misled. What he says will be the outcome of the matter. Highly recommended!!

Anas Concepts

One of the most skilled & professional Solicitors I ever come across. Mr Arshad & his team knows how to provide their clients with best possible services. My matter was way more complicated and even I didn't think of a favorable decision, however I got my application approved eventually. All this happened due to rightful approach towards the matter and specialized knowledge of Mr. Arshad. Highly Recommend.

Daniel Atedzoe

Arshad was amazing, patient and professional. Took time to explain and help making sure my application form for indefinite leave to remain was done properly. Everything when very well at the end. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family.

Anne M

Arshad and his team has assisted me with T5 International Agreement visa applications on 3 occasions over the past 3 years.  The advice and guidance from Arshad has always been spot on. The application processing has been smooth and handled well by Nargis as the case worker. Would be happy to use Premium Solicitors again and recommend them to others.

Mohammed Abdullahi

I am writing to express my gratitude for the excellent services provided by Arshad during our immigration process. Arshad's professionalism, knowledge and dedication were outstanding, and I cannot thank you enough for your assistance.

From our initial consultation, I was impressed with his ability to listen to my concerns and provide clear explanations of the different options available to me. Arshad always available to answer my questions and provide guidance throughout the process, which was important. I was particularly impressed with the way he anticipated potential issues and provided solutions to mitigate any risks.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the services you provided, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone seeking an immigration solicitor. Your professionalism, expertise, and caring approach are a rare combination, and I feel lucky to have had you on my side during this important process.

Once again, thank you for all your hard work and dedication

Vishnu Sure

One word …. Arshad is an excellent Solicitor ! Thoroughly professional ! Even though I took only a one off package , he patiently answered all my queries taking the definition of customer service to a very high level ! I had intermittent mistakes in the application but he was always very quick and prompt with solutions. I wouldn’t have got the ILR so swiftly without his help ! His knowledge and acumen coupled with excellent service surpasses even the best immigration experts!

I say if you are having a pinch of doubts with your application , just knock his door and he will make sure all your visa applications are successful ! Easily the best solicitor in london ! It’s a 10/10 star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ service you get from Arshad and his team !

Malika Gera

My family and I recently took the services of premium solicitors, and I cannot express enough how impressed we were with the level of service provided. From the moment we reached out for assistance, Arshad and Nargis were attentive, knowledgeable, and genuinely invested in helping us navigate the complex immigration process.

They promptly responded to all our inquiries, ensuring that we were always well-informed and up to date on the progress of our case. They took the time to explain the intricacies of the immigration laws and regulations, making sure we understood every step of the process. This level of transparency and dedication to client satisfaction was truly commendable.

Furthermore, Arshad’s expertise in immigration law was evident throughout our interactions. He demonstrated a deep understanding of the legal framework and was able to provide us with accurate and reliable advice. Their attention to detail and thoroughness in preparing our case gave us the confidence that we were in capable hands.

Overall, I cannot recommend them enough. Their exceptional service, combined with their expertise and genuine care for their clients, sets them apart from others in the field. If you are in need of immigration assistance, I highly encourage you to reach out to Arshad. They will undoubtedly provide you with the right guidance and support you need to navigate the complexities of the immigration system successfully.

Rebecca Wubbles

I was having such a difficult and stressful time finding answers to a question regarding my Visa. I emailed Premium Solicitors and got in touch with Arshad. Arshad was so helpful. He answered my question in a timely manner and gave detailed explanations. I couldn't be more grateful for Arshad's help.

S Mathe

I highly recommend booking a consultation with Arshad/Premium Solicitors, before applying for any visa, even if you're confident in your own abilities. In my experience, he stood out as the best solicitor, genuinely willing to help and sympathizing with my situation. Unlike other solicitors I contacted, he provided vital and useful information after my query before I had even decided I was going to make a booking, even at the risk of losing a potential client. While it's understandable that solicitors should be compensated for their services, the financial challenges many of us face make it crucial to ensure that our money is well-spent and valuable.

Arshad and his team at premium solicitors are now the only solicitors I trust and will continue to rely on in the future. If only I had approached him earlier, I would be in a much better position now. Despite months of researching case guidelines, I still missed important details because immigration laws are constantly evolving and accessing up-to-date information can be difficult.

If you're on the verge of submitting your application, I urge you to book a consultation with Arshad and have him review your documents, as even minor errors can have costly consequences.

Arshad, thank you sincerely for your invaluable assistance.

Mandeep Chabra

Mr. Arshad Mehmood is a phenomenal lawyer and always available for advice. I have used his services for your over 10 years now both personal and commercial reasons . Always had positive outcomes and reasonable  fee. I wish him success in his future endeavours.
I would strongly recommend him to family and friends .

Thomas Gill

Premium Solicitors give Outstanding Services, They are Highly efficient,  Intelligent and helpful Solicitors. Mr. Arshad is such a great guy who knows how to get bones out of Lions Jaw. My case got 100% success. My Salute to Premium Solicitors.

Karan Patel

Mr. ARSHAD MAHMOOD, is immensely intelligent, prompt & understanding. I was undergoing a lot of stress when my Visa was refused, but with his  expert advise I followed the path towards my Visa soon. His a real GEM of a person. Take care & continue doing this noble work....

Alexandre Silva

It was such a pleasure to meet Arshad being very helpful throughout all the process and providing a very good customer service. I will definitely come back in the future, thank you for all your service and support regarding this case

Sahar Rana

I am very happy with the service I have received from Premium Solicitors. A very special thank you to Mr. Arshad, his outstanding knowledge and continued support throughout my case. He is incredible soothing manner and a professional positive attitude. Premium solicitors team was always available to answer my questions and phone calls. Email communication was very efficient. I highly recommend. Thank you premium solicitors teams.

Julian Fergusan

Spoke to Arshad on Zoom. He was super knowledgeable about my immigration situation. I'd been to other immigration agents, who wanted to charge a lot more money, but Arshad just gave very practical advice on what to do. He wasn't trying to upsell me at all. Highly recommend his services.

Hasan Malik

Without a doubt the best Immigration solicitors in London. Especially Mr. Arshad whose vast experience and knowledge of home-office rules is commendable. Been working with them for nearing 6 years now and will always recommend.

Upesh Patel

Premium solicitors ltd  provide good service&quick on efficient and thank you to mr arshad he is very kind & gentle man whatever question u ask he has all best answer he help  in very urgent and short time finalised my file to home office onece again thank you and will tell others use ur service

Davyd Amirov

It so happened that I had to deal with many lawyers recently. That would be 5-10... I've  found Arshad Mahmood, as they had short notice consultations available at the time that I needed. From the first conversation there wasn't a single query he didn't address fully, honestly and in a  clear manner. My experience is beyond any expectations!

In a super stressful situation, Mr. Arshad suggested straight to the point, reliable and realistic options for me and my close relative. Without hiding any nuances or offering nonsensical useless choices/information which is too often the case, unfortunately. On the contrary, he pointed out important aspects relevant to my case, which did make a difference and saved me a lot of time and money. Although my matter is not an easy one, he found as much time as was needed, understanding my circumstances.

Can’t thank enough Premium Solicitors. Additionally, working 7 days a week is a great advantage, for which I’m grateful as well. Thank you, Davyd Amirov

Nabila Iram

I am really impressed with your knowledge and professional advice. My case was complex and I had previous bad experience with other lawyers but Mr Arshad hardly took 5-10 mins to understand it and come to the conclusion and gave me honest advice. I will definitely recommend him to my colleagues and others who need competent solicitor for complex immigration issues.

Dr Muhmmad Irfan

One of excellent and most professional service I have ever received. All the team deals, explain and solved issues I had. Specially Mr Arshad, given me advice about my wife and son, which I will be always thankful for him. The way he deal with the case was more than professional. Much appreciated

Vicky Gbenny

Arshad is an experienced solicitor who has a wealth of knowledge.  He has attention to detail, knows the immigration rules inside and out and provides clear and accurate advice. He cares about his clients and provides 5 star service! It is difficult to find a good immigration solicitor but you can always rely on him with your immigration matter and I will recommend him to friends and family. Thank you for all your work Arshad!

Srinath Param

Arshad from Premium Solicitors helped with Immigration related queries and was on top of each of the queries. Arshad was swift in responding back to queries and provided very clear and transparent legal advice. I'll recommend Premium Solicitors 5/5.

Abhiroop Bhattacharya

I would like to thank Mr Arshad Mahmood who was my  solicitor during my immigration process from Tier 1 to Indefinite leave and finally a successful applicants for naturalisation as a British citizen
His outstanding knowledge about all immigration matters is commendable. He has an incredible soothing manner and positive attitude: which has been highly beneficial to me to overcome my stressful situation experienced during the said period. I would more than happily recommend Mr Arshad in the future.

Manaswini Chhikara

Mr. Arshad Mahmood is extremely professional and kind. He quotes the latest immigration laws and explains them in simple language. My experience with him has been fantastic as he was able to clear all my doubts and give me genuine suggestions regarding my visa application. I am extremely thankful to him for the guidance.

Ruba A (RA)

The best immigration solicitor, Mr Arshad and his team were very professional and knowledge, up to date with Uk legal system.He’s very kind, honest and helpful. Highly recommend Premium Solicitors and it was a pleasure to work with him.

Omer Zia

Arshad is great person with lots of knowledge and expertise, he knows the home office rules and regulations inside out. I have been using his services since 2014. The best thing about Arshad is he will tell you straight what your chances are and where you stand in terms of your case, he won’t drag your case to make money out of you. The best Soliciter (person) anyone want to deal with their immigration matter.

K Bashir

Mr Arshad Mahmoud is one of the best immigration solicitors I have ever consulted. We mannered and very knowledgeable.

Sah Hash

I’m really impressed with the knowledge of Mr Arshad M with my  wife’s immigration status as soon as I spoke with him this morning he find out which part of our application went wrong and he gave us an amazing advice we really appreciate him , excellent service highly recommend to everyone.

M Zarour

Arshad is very knowledgeable immigration solicitor, perhaps the best in the business who knows current regulations inside out. I used Arshad’s services for 3 applications in the past all of which were smooth and successful. Where there were intricacies, Arshad would explain challenges in simple terms for anyone to understand. I would highly recommend Arshad & Premium Solicitors to anyone seeking an immigration solicitor. Thanks Arshad!

Dipak Vishwakarma

Arshad at Premium Solicitors has excellent knowledge of the Immigration Law, and has delivered great clientele service and Manages Part of the Management team which makes decisions as to the running of the firm. Developing the firm so he can continue being successful and maintain high quality standards. Provides Immigration Law, Divorce Law, Family Law advice to private clients.

Arshad has Managed a team of solicitors and worked on his own caseload which has Brought new business to the firm and Guides and provide training to existing and new fee earners, achieving great results.

Premium Solicitors the local community by doing outreach sessions which created close ties between our firm and various organisations. Marketed the branch and attracted many new clients and has been an integral part to the success of his business.


I have consulted Mr.Arshad regarding my multifaceted immigration matter. He seemed quite well imformed about immigration law/rules , experienced and very straightforward but what i appreciate more in him is his willingness to help and sparing extra time  for clients satisfaction.
He clearly deserves recommendation.

Mustapha Abdulsalam

Arshad is very knowledgeable on immigration matters and very approachable, and can demystify a complex, I have worked with Arshad on my matter and was successful when all hope was almost lost.

Sheer Azad

Thank you premier solicitor One off the best and very professional solicitor’s in town especially Mr Arshad is very professional and helpful.

Syed Abdul Rehman

Arshad is a very friendly and polite person. He assisted me with my visa application.  His advice and guidance have always been spot on. He is straightforward person and would not waste your time.. I would be happy to use Premium Solicitors services again and I recommend them to everyone.

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